4 communication issues dentists face

During our first webinar series, Melonie Prebble and Brian Westbury collaborated on a topic advised by the GDC to be covered in CPD: Patient Complaints. Melonie Prebble is the Co-Founder & Director of Love Your Dentistry. She is an experienced Dental Hygienist and Therapist with over 20 years of industry expertise. Brian Westbury is a Past Academic Dean Faculty of Forensic and Legal Medicine. With a background of managing two thriving practices and gathering 25 years of valuable experience, Brian possesses a wealth of knowledge that he eagerly imparts to fellow dentists.  Melonie addressed the challenging issue that dentists often face—communication. According to NHS statistics obtained in 2021-2022, the largest proportion of complaints received within individual subject areas (including clinical treatment) was related to communication, accounting for 18.0% of the total complaints. So, what are these difficulties that you should be aware of?


Assuming you are understood


It’s important to ensure our messages are effectively communicated and not assume that everything we say is automatically understood. Commonly, people may not grasp the full meaning, so assuming understanding can lead to miscommunication.


Dental Jargon


Dental jargon is easy for us to comprehend within the dental industry, and at times, we use analogies to help patients understand. However, relying solely on this approach can often result in misunderstandings among patients.


Patients are often lying down 


Certain situations can lead to communication issues. For instance, when patients are lying down and dentists have their back turned while initiating a conversation, or when instruments are in the patient’s mouth and an attempt is made to communicate. These scenarios can lead to breakdowns in communication and hinder two-way conversations.


Nodding = Yes 


Assumptions can lead us astray. For instance, when a patient nods while we discuss a proposed treatment, we might interpret it as a sign of agreement. However, nodding might simply mean they understand, without necessarily indicating their desire to proceed with the treatment.



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