5 reasons to switch dental indemnity provider

When it comes to  dental indemnity insurance, you need to be sure that you have the right policy, with the right insurer, and at the right price. As it is also a requirement for General Dentist Council registration, it is not something you can avoid.

At All Med Pro, we pride ourselves on being experts in helping dentists and other healthcare professionals and practices to choose the right insurance.

Here are 5 reasons to switch dental indemnity provider 

1.Cost Savings: One of the most common reasons for switching dental indemnity providers is to find a more cost-effective option. If a different provider offers similar coverage at a lower premium or provides better value for the services covered, it may be financially beneficial to make the switch.

2.Better Coverage Options: Dental indemnity plans can vary in the services they cover, and the level of coverage provided. If your current plan does not adequately meet your dental care needs or if you require additional coverage for specific treatments, switching to a provider with more comprehensive coverage options might be a sensible choice. Additionally, do they offer dento-legal support or CPD webinars to aid your professional development? This could be a question to ask yourself.

3.Improved Customer Service: Quality of customer service is a crucial factor in evaluating any insurance provider. If you’ve experienced dissatisfaction with the responsiveness, clarity, or helpfulness of your current dental indemnity provider’s customer service, it may be worth considering a switch to a company known for providing superior customer support.

4.Policy Changes or Renewal: Sometimes, existing dental indemnity providers may introduce policy changes, increase premiums, or alter coverage terms upon policy renewal. If these changes are unfavourable or if you find a provider with more favourable terms during your renewal period, it might be a good time to switch.

5.Life Changes: Changes in your life circumstances, such as moving to a new location, a change in employment, or alterations in your family structure, could impact your dental insurance needs. If your current provider does not adapt well to these changes or if a different provider offers more flexibility to accommodate your evolving situation, it might be a reason to switch dental indemnity providers.

Before deciding to switch dental indemnity providers, it’s important to carefully review the terms, conditions, and coverage of both your current and potential new plans. Here at All Med Pro we are proud much more than dental indemnity insurance we provide CPD – accredited webinars, podcasts, excellent dento-legal support all alongside a personalised customer service. When you call us, you don’t come through to a call centre.

Making the switch to All Med Pro’s dental indemnity has never been easier. Book a consultation with our friendly team and find out for yourself – All Med Pro (office365.com)

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