BDIA 2018 – Cocktails and Conversations

We hope you all had a great BDIA 2018 – we certainly did. Our Caribbean themed cocktail beach bar seemed to go down very well, as did the cocktails! We enjoyed chatting to you all about your practice and personal insurance requirements. Check our our photos and sum-up as well as word on the street for the concerns of dental practice owners for 2019.

Shaking up the image of insurance

Sure, insurance isn’t the most exciting topic, we know. However, it is essential for all dental professionals, so we figure we may as well make it as interesting as possible! And believe it or not, our team are really passionate about insurance, as you may have noticed if you engaged in conversation with any of the team at the BDIA 2018.

“Insurance is really about security and at the end of the day, who doesn’t want to feel secure, safe and with peace of mind?” Tom Chaston, Director

Because of our enthusiasm to protect you and your business, and because we wanted to chat to as many people as possible at the BDIA, we came up with the Caribbean cocktail bar idea – maybe we even managed to persuade a few people that insurance isn’t that dull…Take a look for yourself.

Our stand was busy from Thursday morning until the close on Saturday afternoon. Most of our team attended the event at some point over the 3 days, to help serve cocktails, mocktails and to discuss the services we help dentists with from all over the UK.

If you feel stranded by your insurer, feel on safe ground with All Med Pro

When chatting with hundreds of dentists that visited our stand over the course of the weekend, a few common concerns are apparent.

  1. Greater fear of being sued as an individual 
  2. Greater risk of Cyber attack and the impact of this on the practice

Over the many years we have been in business, we have noticed a rise in claims against dentists, which is why we focus a lot of our time and attention on ensuring our Dental Indemnity cover is robust, detailed and competitively priced. It is continually reviewed too, ensuring your cover remains suitable and up-to-date.

Cyber Liability Insurance has also been a top priority for us in the past few years, to offer greater protection to dental practices.

“When speaking with dental practice owners, many assumed Cyber was covered in their Practice Insurance – sometimes a level of Cyber risk is included but it often isn’t comprehensive.” Adam O’Keeffe, Director

Stay connected

If you visited our cocktail bar a the BDIA, we would love to stay connected. Or, even if you didn’t, connect with us so we can hope to meet you at a future event.



For peace of mind that you and your business reputation are protected, contact All Med Pro for all your insurance needs.

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