All Med Pro Indemnity Coverage: Clarification on Facebook Post about Dental Treatments

Further to last Friday’s statement and after further discussions we wish to provide an update to further clarify the position of cover and how we define General Dentistry as a scope of practise within our indemnity proposition. Feedback from our clients is always appreciated as this gives us the opportunity to further strengthen what is already a very strong indemnity proposition for our dental policyholders.

The confusion last week was derived following a policy cover enhancement process at All Med Pro. Included within these upgrades were covers around Professional Indemnity (non-clinical) and dentists involved with Training and/or lecturing as well as additional Vicarious Liability considerations. Consequently, this led to an internal miscommunication in other areas. Unfortunately, we regret that this caused a brief period of uncertainty for one of our clients.

Following the important feedback from our clients last week we have held internal meetings with our advisory teams and in-house underwriters, and we are in the process of updating our documentation including application process so that it is even clearer in terms of what is covered and what various aspects of the policy mean for policyholders.

We would like to further confirm that under our General Dentistry definition we include cover Crowns, Bridges, Teeth Whitening and Veneers as standard. This cover is place for our policyholders’ historic activities as well as current activities. If any of our policyholders have any queries on their specific policy, they should contact us directly on 0203 757 6950.

We hope that our quick response to this particular concern demonstrates that we not only value our client’s feedback, but we are also committed to providing transparency where it really matters.

We have reached out to those affected by this miscommunication directly to ensure the issue has been resolved to their satisfaction.

Adam O’Keeffe – Company Director

[email protected]

Adam O’Keeffe

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