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Meet Our Senior Dentolegal Advisor Brian Westbury

After running two successful practices and having worked for 25 years and become the Senior Dentolegal Advisor at a traditional defence organisation, it is pleasing to offer my extensive knowledge of general dental practice, and the regulations and rules that govern it.

I believe I have assisted more dentists at GDC hearings and NHS tribunals than any other adviser. However, it is more important than ever to try and prevent problems from getting to that stage by assisting dentists to resolve complaints as early as possible. At All Med Pro, I deal with many of these, and successfully assist our policy holders to lower their risk for the future. It is important to point out where matters went wrong so that mistakes are not repeated.

In some cases, where there is a referral to the authorities, I and the legal team are able prepare, guide, and defend our clients, to get the best results. Insight cannot be taught but we can help with remediation advice to show the GDC or tribunal that lessons have been learnt and that patients are not at risk. It is a traumatic experience to be accused of professional misconduct and we can be with you all the way.

Where patients are threatening to sue for negligence, I can advise whether there are likely grounds and an early decision to defend, or to settle (if possible, without admitting liability), can be made.

One of the reasons for the lower costs of indemnity with All Med Pro, is the quality of the advice and assistance given to our clients right from the start of any case, leading to faster and, hopefully, better outcomes.

I will tell you that I have placed my own indemnity with All Med Pro (I haven’t had to use it yet!)

Brian Westbury






Brian Westbury (Senior Dentolegal Advisor – All Med Pro)


Academic Dean Faculty of Forensic & Legal Medicine RCP

Dentolegal Consultant



Recent review on the support Brian provided:

The support and advice I received from AMP and adviser Brian Westbury was very prompt and appropriate. I find it very refreshing to be able to have direct contact with a dentolegal adviser via his mobile number in contrast to having to leave messages with receptionists and wait a few days for the adviser to get in touch as is my previous experience with the MPS.

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