Time to Act: Secure Your Dental Indemnity Renewal

As August approaches and your dental indemnity renewal date draws near, it is crucial to take this opportunity to assess your coverage and ensure you possess the appropriate policy that will safeguard you not only for the upcoming year but also for the foreseeable future.


Understanding the extent of your coverage under your dental indemnity insurance policy is essential. Equally important is knowing what you are not covered for. Ask your insurance provider for any outstanding questions you may have.


Here are some key aspects to check in your policy:


Claims occurrence-based:

Having a claims occurrence policy is generally more favourable than a claims-made policy. It ensures that you are protected from claims related to events that occurred during your coverage period, even if the claim is made after your policy expires. If you have a claims-made policy, obtaining run-off cover is often necessary to maintain the same level of protection as a claims occurrence policy once your insurance expires.


Contractual versus discretionary insurance:

In the past, dentists often obtained insurance coverage from defense organisations. While this has its advantages, the coverage provided is typically discretionary, meaning there is no legal contract obligating them to pay out on a claim. By purchasing a policy from an insurer, you gain the reassurance of a contractual policy where the provider is obligated to support you throughout any legal disputes and honour valid claims.


Nil excess:

Ideally, seek a policy with a zero excess, ensuring you won’t incur any out-of-pocket expenses during a claim.


Approved for GDC registration and revalidation:

To renew your registration with the General Dental Council, it is mandatory to have a valid insurance policy. Confirm that the policy you select is accepted by the GDC for your professional membership.


Dento-legal advisors:

While this may appear as a non-essential feature, having access to legal experts with a deep understanding of your profession during a claim can be invaluable. They can provide personalised support and advice tailored to your specific needs, going beyond mere legal perspectives.


Additional benefits:

Consider the supplementary benefits offered by your policy and assess whether they justify any additional premium you may have to pay. Favourable benefits for dental professionals may include coverage for breach of professional confidentiality, support for mitigating damage from claims, Good Samaritan cover, and public relations assistance to safeguard your reputation throughout a claim.

By carefully reviewing these aspects of your dental indemnity insurance policy, you can ensure comprehensive coverage that aligns with your professional requirements and provides peace of mind.


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