Dental Indemnity.

Why Choose All Med Pro As Your Indemnity Provider?

All Med Pro is a leading indemnity provider for dental professionals in the UK that offers unique benefits that set them apart from other providers.

  1. We provide policy coverage on an occurrence or claims made basis, which is different from most other providers. This means that the advice we provide is unbiased and tailored to what is best for our clients.
  2. We are not a discretionary indemnity provider, which means we have a contract of insurance in place to protect the reputation of our members when their performance is called into question.
  3. We offer some of the broadest covers of dental indemnity policies available. Our schedules, certificates, and supporting documentation are provided in clear, plain English, ensuring members know exactly what is and isn’t covered.
  4. We have a dedicated and experienced team that includes qualified dento-legal advisors who are experienced dentists. This means that dental professionals deal with someone who knows their sector inside out and understands its challenges. Our people can discuss the strengths and weaknesses of your claim and work with members to proceed in the best way possible.
  5. All Med Pro offers proactive support and mitigation measures to minimise the cost of a covered liability claim and any potential damaging consequences at the time, as well as in the future.
  6. If a member is part of a corporate, group, or a member of a professional body such as the BDA, further premium discounts can often be applied.

In summary, All Med Pro offers unique benefits such as unbiased policy coverage, reputation protection, broad coverage options, clear documentation, experienced advisors, proactive support, and premium discounts. These benefits make All Med Pro an excellent choice for dental professionals in the UK.

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