What does great Dental Indemnity Insurance look like?

When it comes to dental indemnity, August to October is our busiest time here at All Med Pro, with newly qualified dentists coming into the industry and those already established seeking renewals. In the past, people usually got indemnity insurance by being a member of a Dental Defence Organisation (DDO), however, statistics have shown that nearly a third of dentists in the last ten years have steered away from this type of coverage and entered the market.

Although being a part of a defence organisation can often be the cheapest indemnity option or offer exciting benefits like Amazon vouchers or free guides when recently qualifying, the cheapest option can end up costing the most, with most DDOs being discretionary. All Med Pro only offer contract certain policies. Contract certain policies gives clear and firm agreements between the dentist and the insurance company. This means that if the dentist meets the agreed conditions, the insurance company must pay the claims. By opting for a contractual indemnity provider, you can ensure legal protection, predictable coverage, and a transparent claims process, giving you the peace of mind to focus on providing excellent dental care without unnecessary financial risks.

As discretionary policies aren’t based on contracts, dental professionals have few legal options if their claims get rejected. These organisations can alter their policies or reject claims outright, putting dentists in a precarious situation. Remember, your choice of dental indemnity can have significant implications for your professional career and financial well-being, take care when choosing your provider.

What does good dental indemnity look like?

1.Expert Legal Support – Your dental indemnity provider should have help from their own team of lawyers who specialise in medical mistakes. They should also be able to consult with top-notch law firms and legal experts when needed, with a good level of communication to act quickly.

2. Quick Responses – Many complaints can be resolved early if they are handled with care, strength, and speed. Most patients don’t want to resort to suing their dentist; they just want their concerns to be listened to, taken seriously, and resolved. A well-written response can discourage even the most determined complainers.

3.Extensive Cover: You want to be looking for a broker that has an array of options and is more than just an insurance company:

  • Provides both claims made or claims occurrence cover
  • Minimum limit of indemnity -£10m
  • Access to CPD learning
  • Provide vicarious liability cover where required
  • Nil excess
  • Real People
  • Include retroactive cover where required

Get advice:

Taking the necessary steps like completing a proposal form can be a bit of a hassle. However, if you give the right details about your work hours and describe your job clearly, insurance companies can offer you a cheaper price. This should include any complaints or claims, it doesn’t necessarily mean your premium will go up, but transparency goes a long way.

Most importantly, seek advice. A broker can help you think things through and find the best insurance deal. Once you have good insurance in place, it’ll protect you all year round, you can always get helpful advice whenever you need it.

It’s crucial to choose the right provider who understands your specific needs. Good dental indemnity should offer expert legal support, swift responsiveness to patient concerns, and comprehensive coverage options.

All Med Pro, a dedicated insurance broker, excels in tailoring insurance solutions to you. We provide options such as claims made and claims occurrence, substantial indemnity limits, CPD learning resources, vicarious liability cover, nil excess, and retroactive cover when necessary.

Get in touch with our expert lead team today by booking a FREE consultation call: All Med Pro (office365.com) Alternatively drop us an email on [email protected] or call us on 0203 757 6950.

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