Private Medical & Locum Cover

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Private Medical Cover

In today’s competitive employment landscape, nurturing a thriving and resilient dental practice is paramount. Our Individual & Group Private Medical Insurance offering is tailored to not only safeguard your employees’ well-being but also drive your organisation towards success.


What does Private Medical Insurance offer?


Our Individual & Group Private Medical Insurance cover will include the following:

  • Quicker access to healthcare for the diagnosis and treatment of acute medical conditions
  • Flexible appointments
  • Private hospitals
  • Wider choice of specialists & facilities
  • Improved specialist/nurse-to-patient ratio
  • Choice of Appointments / Specialists / Hospitals etc
  • Annual contracts

Prioritise Employee Wellbeing


Retain Employees: Demonstrating your unwavering commitment to your employee’s health and happiness is key to retaining your valuable workforce. A 2022 study revealed that 29% of UK employees consider medical insurance a crucial component of their employee benefits package. By providing healthcare benefits, you’ll keep your team content and healthy.


Attract Top Talent: PMI underscores your dedication to your employees. According to Cover Magazine (2021), this commitment can be a decisive factor in attracting top-tier talent to your business.

Flexible Medical Appointments: Foster a work environment that allows your team to prioritise their health without compromising their professional responsibilities. Offering the flexibility for employees to choose medical appointments that align with their schedules promotes a healthier and more productive workforce.


Tailored Private Medical Insurance


Your dental practice is unique; your healthcare coverage should reflect that individuality. Crafting the perfect insurance plan for your company involves three simple steps:

Step 1: Customise Your Coverage – Choose the best options for your practice’s needs.

Step 2: Define Coverage Scope – Determine which team members will be covered and how you’d like to address pre-existing medical conditions.

Step 3: Pay for What You Need – Select only the coverage options that align with your specific requirements, ensuring cost efficiency.


Standard Benefits for All Coverage Options


24/7 Access to a Private GP: Your employees can enjoy around-the-clock access to private General Practitioners and Advanced Nurse Practitioners through AXA Doctor at Hand, powered by Doctor Care Anywhere. Whether it’s phone or video appointments, your team’s health needs are always covered.

Muscles, Bones, and Joints Support: Swiftly address musculoskeletal discomfort without the need for a GP referral. Connect with the right expert over the phone or online. This service is available for members aged 18 and over.

Cancer and Heart Care: When faced with serious illnesses, you can rely on telephone support from experienced healthcare practitioners to guide you through the uncertainties of diagnosis and treatment.

Health Information Phone Line: Access 24/7 health support through our dedicated health information phone line, providing valuable guidance and reassurance.

Wellbeing Incentives: Prioritise the overall well-being of your employees with up to 40% off monthly gym memberships, in addition to your comprehensive business healthcare coverage. It’s a win-win for both your company and your team’s health.

Locum Cover

If a key member of your team got sick or injured, the costs to your practice could be significant. And these costs could become harder and harder to cover if your colleague is absent for an extended period. That’s why you need Locum Insurance Cover.


What does Locum Cover offer?


Unplanned absences though, such as long-term sickness, family emergencies, accidents and even Jury Duty, can cause disruption to your practice, both operationally and financially.

  • If your practice manager or your administrators are unable to work, you could find your practice seriously under-resourced and struggling to run effectively on a day-to-day basis.

  • If one of your associates is absent, then you could have both a resource issue, plus a fall in income and profit from a loss of fees.

Some doctors, dentists and healthcare professionals will have Locum Insurance as an individual.

However, because it isn’t mandatory for an associate to have their own arrangements for cover, you could find yourself in the position of having to pick up the pieces if they are unable to work.

Employees, almost certainly will not have their own Locum Insurance, which is why a policy for the practice covers you for all eventualities.


How does Locum Cover work?


Locum insurance is designed to cover the costs incurred if a practitioner on the policy is unable to work.

The pay-out can be used to meet the costs of a locum replacement or to pay overtime to colleagues who provide the same cover.

Alternatively, policies can be taken as “annually renewable”, although these could be challenged and restricted upon the request for renewal.

A professional insurance broker can talk through which policy would suit your practice best.

It is always essential to review all documentation in advance of signing. As with all insurance products, the detailed Terms & Conditions contain more information on who is insured, how the insurance works and how you claim.

A few things to fully understand:

  • How much is each employee or associate insured for, per week or month

  • What is the benefit period? How long is the maximum payout? It is often defaulted to 12 months, however, it is up to you to decide on the policy you require. Generally, the lower the benefit period, the lower the monthly insurance premium.

  • What is the deferment period? There is often a set period before the policy starts to pay out. This can more often than not be set by you. Generally, the longer the deferment period, the lower the monthly insurance premium.


Review your cover regularly


It is important to review your insurance policies to ensure they are still relevant, and worthwhile and offer enough cover for your practice as it grows and expands.

If you take on extra associates within the year, or your salaried team grows then make sure you are sufficiently insured.

Since July 25th, 2011, All Med Pro has been revolutionising the insurance industry. What started as a small venture with just a couple of laptops has grown into a dynamic brokerage focused on addressing the needs of businesses and professionals in the healthcare landscape. We’ve built lasting partnerships, expanded our services, and relocated offices twice to accommodate growth. Today, we offer tailored insurance solutions backed by experts and comprehensive support. Despite challenges like those faced in 2020, our commitment to innovation and client satisfaction remains strong. Looking ahead, we’re poised for further growth, dedicated to enhancing our team to better serve our clients. Join us and experience the difference at All Med Pro.

What our clients say about us

All Med Pro Insurance
All Med Pro Insurance
"I renewed all my policies as he made it so straightforward."
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Very happy with the service from Barry. Aware of my limited admin time to collate the information required and make a decision. Was happy to answer my questions and followed up with anything that was not clear very quickly. Also helpful in presenting the information to me in table form so I could easily see the difference in cost year on year. I renewed all my policies as he made it so straightforward.
All Med Pro Insurance
All Med Pro Insurance
"Documents were received quickly and punctually."
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I was thoroughly impressed and satisfied with the service I received. He was always available when I needed advice and guided me through the contents of the policy with patience and care. Documents were received quickly and punctually and this made the whole process easy and without hassle. I would highly recommend the service. Thank you.
All Med Pro Insurance
All Med Pro Insurance
"The team are fantastic, have a great support network."
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Excellent indemnity company always on hand to deal with your queries.The team are fantastic, have a great support network and very competitive price. Would not hesitate to recommend them to colleagues. Very easy renewal and quotation process, definitely the way forward if you want comprehensive cover and help.